Natural Collagen Formula Q5-26

The Polish elixir of youth



Unlike any other cosmetics it eliminates the causes
not only the results from the ageing of the skin.

Moistures deeply and gives the skin elasticity, Retards the processes of aging, Sharply improves the immunology, thickness and normal pigmentation, Smoothes scars, striae, helps to cure burnt, cicatrix, Restores hair and nails, delays alopecia, The best balm in the world after shaving and depilation

Helps treatment of:

- Paradonthosys of gums
- Skin allergies
- Acne vulgaris and и rosacea
- Dermatosis, lichen and psoriasis
- Scurf
- Cellulite, varicose veins and swelling
- Reduces spine and articulation pain
- Regenerates the mucous membrane of the vagina
- Improves the circulation
- Delayed action of sweat and salivary glands


What is collagen? 30% of the human proteins consist of collagen.It is responsible for the elasticity,flexibility and moisture of the skin as well as the constant renovation of her cells. As we grow older the amount of collagen diminishes which appears to be the main reason of wrinkles appearance. The attempts of collagen application in cosmetics and implantology (initially synthetic, later animal) end with minimal success. Mainly because an actively biological collagen was not obtained in which the structure of amino acids is similar with the human. Such type of collagen has been discovered in Poland. The epochal discovery of the Gdansk University scientists became the Event of the 90s.Till this moment the practical application of this discovery has been impeded by the impossibility to store the extract outside cold conditions. The unique formula of the natural collagen Q5-26 has been invented by the laboratory assistants of Inventia Polish Technologies creating the first cosmetic resource in the world which is based on the polish fish collagen.It influences positively on the regeneration of the skin and at the same time preserves the secret key –the so called triple spiral.


It has been developed by the skin of the most royal fish which has been caught in natural waters and was filtered with fibroins from silk butterfly. Collagen does not consist of synthetic colors or fragrances and appears as ingredient of some new creams which recently came out on the world cosmetics market. For comparison the cosmetics of the world companies contain 5-9% collagen and cost 4-6 times higher for the same quantity. The pure collagen in the shape of transdermal gel contains of 45% collagen. It received admirable comments by a number of medical authorities for its unique capacity to increase the skin tissue in the wrinkles zone. Except a perfect cosmetic resource the collagen is a healing virtue as well. It has been subjected to continued clinic tests in several countries simultaneously. It does not cause allergies, does not irritate the skin, has no external negative impact and doesn’t lead to dependence.


  • Moistures deeply and gives the skin elasticity

  • Retards the processes of aging.

  • Sharply improves the immunology,thickness and normal pigmentation

  • Smoothes scars, striae,helps to cure burnt,cicatrix

  • Restores hair and nails, delays alopecia

  • The best balm in the world after shaving and depilation

Helps treatment of:

  • Paradonthosys of gums

  • Skin allergies

  • Acne vulgaris and и rosacea

  • Dermatosis, lichen and psoriasis

  • Scurf

  • Cellulite ,varicose veins and swelling

  • Reduces spine and articulation pain

  • Regenerates the mucous membrane of the vagina

  • Improves the circulation

  • Delayed action of sweat and salivary glands


The natural collagen Q 5-26 is being produced in three stages of cleanse:

Platinium – intended for cosmetics of the face and neck-line as well as other delicate areas. Especially effective in revitalization of mature skin, during nonsurgical face lifting, after plastic and other surgery operations. It is also applied at mechanical cleaning of the skin, after sunburn or solarium and as a base for cosmetic masks or make up. Order now

Silver – used in procedures for the whole body: curative, energetic massage, after depilation, solarium, anti-cellulite procedures, pilling.Suitable for all kinds of home treatment of the skin, tendons and articulations. Order now

Graphite – used as the most economical resource in hairdresser’s and beauty parlours. It is used on rough skin.
Energetic strengthening bath-tubs are made in tepid water (up to 28º C) which favors the reception of collagen with inviolated structure of the tissues. It is especially effective during pearly bath-tub with ozone. Energetic-amino acid tubs are made in warm water. It causes disintegration of the collagen of amino acids, which pass through skin easier and take part in the regeneration of the whole body.
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The transdermal gel Q5-26 is designed for any tyoe of skin and age.It is recommended to use it after the age of 25 when the skin gradually reduces to produce collagen.

Application on the skin:
1-3 times a day.Over soap washed and still wet skin a thin layer of collagen is put.In case a tightening of the skin appears in a while you can put a light cream.If a white peel appears this means you’ve put a surplus since the skin absorbs only the necessary quantity.Therefore this is a very economical gel.

Application on the hair :
A small quantity of collagen (1-2 ml) mixed with tepid water. After you wash your hair the solution is rubbed in the skin of the head and the hair.Wash after 15 minutes.

Application on bath tubs :
30-50 ml collagen is mixed in tepid water. Pour the solution in the tub.Use it for 15 minutes. The’re equally well used in home conditions, SPA centres, sanatoriums, hospitals, cabinets etc.

The natural collagen is produced by technological regime similar to the laboratorial and it is accessible in glass packs of 50,100 и 200 ml.



Day cream Natural Collagen

Especially recommended as part of the " fish collagen theraphy ". It supplements and increases the effectiveness of the treatment. It contains vegetable nutrients to enhance the skins appearance. It guards against moisture loss, to keep the skin hydrated and so reduces that dry, tight feeling. It gives back firmness and elasticity to restore that youthful vitality. Colway regenerating cream is rich in active ingredients and carriers: matryixyl (TM) 300- 3%, fish collagen, fitoestrogeny of soya, vitamin E, oil of borage, extracts from aloe and the fruits noni and centelli. This product is ideal to use following the application of the pure, biologically active colagen ( i.e.Platinum ).

Usage: Approximately 15 minutes after the active collagen treatment has been absorbed, apply Day Cream to the face and gently pat into the skin.
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Night cream Natural Collagen

For use in combination with the" fish collagen therapy " It perfectly compliments the Natural Collagen anti - wrinkle treatment. It provides intensive moisturization and so improves the treatments effectiveness in eliminating small wrinkles, smoothing out thedeeper ones, giving enhanced firmness and elasticity. It revitalizes the skin, making it soft and silky to the touch.

Usage: approximately 15 minutes after the active collagen treatment has been absorbed, apply Night Cream to the face and gently pat into the skin.
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Peeling Natural Collagen
It effectively removes the damaged outer-layers of skin. It prepares the skin for further treatments by opening up the pores and therefore making it more receptive. It evens out skin colour and gently increases blood circulation to revitalize the skins appearance. It contains ground coral for exfoliation, Aloe for moisturization and soothing, noni for nourishment, Pantenol for moisturization and regeneration, oil from the herb borage to soften.
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Tonic Natural Collagen
Recommended for use as an after care lotion following the" fish collagen therapy" Thanks to the special formula it is particularly effective at removing the residue of make- up and other cosmetics. It will leave a thin layer on the skins surface to give moisturization for a longer period of time. It is gentle, non- alcoholic with an antiseptic effect. It soothes irritations and restores the skin to its correct PH balance. It will leave the skin feeling fresh and comfortable. It has a very pleasant fragrance. It contains fish collagen, aloe vera, d-panthenol, Noni juice.
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Natural Collagen (set)




5 products are included in a set.

* Natural Collagen Platinum 50 ml.
* Day cream Natural Collagen 50 ml
* Night cream Natural Collagen 50 ml
* Peeling Natural Collagen 100 ml
* Tonic Natural Collagen 125 ml.

What matrixyl (TM)3000 is
Called times procollagen. Closing cry of the world biotechnology of proteins. Great rival of Retinol. He contains matrykiny Pal - GHK and the Pal - GQPR which are media of communication of the skin concerning the reconstruction and repair. These peptides demonstrated primary synergetic action in examinations with proteins of piscine collagen. One from most expensive at present of substance on world. Content in Colway creams of the -3%.

Matrixyl - It is unusually effective anti-wrinkle substance, for which the miniature fragment of the molecule of the white is a main element - of collagen, being abundant in leather. Wrinkles are coming into existence as a result of loss of collagen. Matrixyl applying can replace subcutaneous injections of collagen and different methods of intensive smoothing wrinkles.
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Colvita is a result of a sensational invention of Polish biotechnology - natural collagen obtained from fish skin.

Colvita is a new approach to the problem "how to look after" tissues build from collagen. You can experience how the supplementation works from inside of your body. Colvita is a coronation of biotechnological works on products obtained from fish collagen which stops the time. Take 2 pills a day and your skin will be smooth, soft and perfectly moistured. In addition, if used together with collagen gell (on your skin) you will look much more younger.

Chains of human collagen are build from 20 amino acids. Only part of them is produced by human organism. The rest of them have to be delivered with food. Colvita supplementation helps in a constant rebuilding of amino acids for cells producing and servicing collagen.

Colvita is produced from freeze-drying of fish collagen.
Freeze-drying - it is freezing of pure collagen up to minus 40 C in vaccum and elimination of water (drying). It guarantees the highest degree of purity of the product and the least weight. This product "swells" in the alimentary canal several dozen times according to its volume, which is benefitial for people who want to loose weight. Also amino acids ( ingridient of collagen) are highly absorbed here and their synthesis is supported by vitamin E, minerals and vitamin C(present in alga).

Ingredients and their characteristics.
Collagen - the most important protein of human body and the most important component of connective tissue. It is responsible for skin condition, eyeball, bones, hair and nails. According to the recent research human age can be easily recognised by skin condition. All diet supplements in the world market, advertising ingredients of collagen in their products, have in fact gelatine. Absorbtion of gelatine in comparison to fish collagen is absolutely incomparable. Collagen included in Colvita fulfils diet in ingredients which are very rarely obtained by organism from everyday food and are not delivered by any other produced supplement.

Alga - selected as one of ingridients of colvita as it shows synergy with fish collagen. Also are rich in calcium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, potassium, chromium, iodine, and vitamins B and C. On top of it selenium and zinc- microelements which are very important for collagen synthesis.
Algae fasten metabolism, help in constipation, lower cholesterol level, increase immunity, strengthening hair and nails. Moreover, algae improve blood supply of skin.

Vitamin E - ingredient of many diet supplements. However activity of synthetic vitamin E is in comparison with the one obtained from natural food very poor. In colvita the newest, biotechnological formula of vitamin E with 100% of biological activity was used. Pharmacological characteristics decided that vitamin E was chosen as an ingredient of colvita and its influence on acquisition of protein.Witamin E determines synthesis of collagen in organism. Another vitamin which determines synthesis of collagen is vitamin C. Colvita contains Vitamin C but it is below of daily requirements.

- conditions skin from within making it smooth, elastic and soft;
- moisturises deeper layers of connective tissue;
- used regularly slows aging processes of tissues;
- regenerates structures of the wlasciwej connective tissue, cartilage tissue, bone tissue, collagen structures of eyeball and hair;
- rrecommended for active people, metabolizing protein at physical work, in training building up muscles;
- recommended during rehabilitation after (mechanical) injury of motor organs and joints.

COLVITA has been created in accordance with directives defined by nutritionists, immunologists and dermatologists in:

- freeze-drying of protein of fish background;
- selection of active ingredients and their doses;
- constant verification of ingredients quality;
- respondents opinion on product’s effectiveness.

After 2 months of regular usage first symptoms of COLVITA effectiveness are seen. Hair and tissues supporting skin are stronger, which makes skin more firm and moistured. After 4-6 months of supplementation we can expect effects that are better not described here as that could be taken as advertising COLVITA as a medication, which it is not.

According to opinions of (current) consumers and COLVITA specialists:

- stops/slows down the processes of skin wrinkling;
- conditions connective tissue from within;
- keeping water in deep layers of skin;
- eliminates considerable part of dry skin problems;
- improves condition of hair, nails and bone structure/matrix;
- influences / effects many organic changes and has many revitalising properties;
- supports loosing weight / helps to loose weight.

COLVITA supplementation will not replace varied diet and is not recommended as the only source of supplementation. COLVITA was not meant to be a panacea and does not contain many other active substances, also those that would increase synthesis of collagen (eg. vit. C).

2 capsules daily, preferably after or during a meal due to vit. E presence which dissolves only in fats. Stop using in case of hypersensitiveness to any of the ingredients. Keep out of reach of children.
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Ionophoresis Home Suite

Electricity as an active ingredient - Spa-like experience at home! Repeated applications lead to accumulate anti wrinkle effect. Average improvement of wrinkle depth was 30%. The effect was achieved after 5 days treatment. Applicable to a wide range of cosmetic uses: acne treatment,anti-aging, anti wrinkle, anticellulite, redness, Puffiness and dark circles, whitening. High-tech innovation for immediate, visible results! (non allergenic product!) Order now


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