"Miracles do happen when people believe in them. And as people believe more and more in miracles, they happen more often.  Concurrently faith reaches new heights."




                                            Kamelia Evstatieva

Expert on: Energy Corrections, Karma and Fate, Tarot, Runes, Aromatherapy, Clairvoyancy, Lunar Magic, Celtic Magic, Reiki Master, Seichim Master, Angel Flames Master, Isis Seichim.

Born under the sign of the Scorpio, in the year of the Water Tiger. She is master of the healing with universal energy using doctor Shoe's method, she makes energy and karmic corrections, clairvoyance and taro consultations, magic rituals. Lunar magician Kamelia is one of the few specialists in our country, who have a thorough command of the art and magic of the runes. She organizes courses for Home Magick and the Secret of the Runes for Astrogracia – Horoskop magazine and she introduces the incredible power of the jewels, magic plants, herbs, flowers, scents, oils to the readers. In her work she uses special ritual candles that she has elaborated. She is a consultant-editor of the Magic Of Life magazine.


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The magic calendar – festivals and rituals

The magic housekeeping and the home rituals are connected to the seasons and many ancient holidays. The beginning of the magical year is marked on December 21 by the Scottish fire festival. This old pagan festival is celebrated in honor of the birth of the sun-goddess – Mithra. On this day the sacred fire has been lit to give life and strength to the Sun, which is reborn after the winter solstice period. Buy a big, thick red candle. On one side of the candle draw a sun and put it in a candlestick or on a fireproof tray. Around the candle place twigs of ash, mistletoe, cedar, rosemary, laurel, juniper and other evergreen plants. Light the candle on the festival's eve. If you want it burning during the whole night, place it in a big fireproof plate and decorate with greenery. On this day the ash, mistletoe and the other plants represent the power of the nature. They freshen the home energy and remind us of the everlasting life on Earth. Thus, during the entire year in our home abundance, warmth and light will reign. On this day you should not sew, embroider, knit. If you eat an apple in the night of December 21 you will be in good health all the year round and a magical wash out will remove your concerns and misfortunes from the past months. Mix pine-needles, laurel leaf and rosemary, tie them up in a lint, put them in the bath-tub and soak. If you don't have a tub, pour yourself with the water, where the plants were.

The New Year's Eve and the New Year's festival itself are another possibility for you to be absorbed in the home magic, to secure a peaceful, safe and abundant year for your house and family. There are many traditional rituals for the New Year's Eve. If you light seven candles on this night, the good fortune will step into your home. Several minutes before midnight open the doors and windows to let the negative energy from the past year out.
The New Year's Eve is also the perfect time for beautification. At midnight wash your face with spring water, light a candle in front of the mirror and look at yourself. You will have a better appearance.
On the first day of the new year many rituals for good fortune are made. First of all don't forget to keep your pockets and cupboards full on this day, then you will have money all the year round.
Smoke the corners of the rooms in your home with juniper. On this day you have to bring home water and greenery, to assure enough food and drink during the year.
On the first day of the new year, but not earlier, you may hang the new calendar.

The next magical festival is on February 2. The returning of the sun after the winter is celebrated on this day. At the night, which the Romans dedicated to Venus, all the candles were lit at home and torches were brought out on the street to welcome the Sun. This ritual can be performed even today in all rooms as the lights are switched on or the candles are lit.

February 14 – the St. Valentine's day. To let in the love in your house on this day light seven pink candles and imagine that your home is filled with this feeling. This day is appropriate for love predictions too.
It's time to put in the lettuce and the beans.

March marks the vernal revival. Decorate your home with the first spring flowers. Open the windows and the doors to let the fresh spring air in. If you have a garden start hoeing and planting. While planting imagine how the seeds that you're sowing turn into plants – strong, high, mighty. Fence in your parcel with little stones, on which you have painted pentagrams. Put them in the corners, leaving the star on the bottom side of the stone not to focus the attention.
In the spring take a purifying bath with marjoram and thyme.
Spring-clean the house.

March 21 is the date for the vernal equinox. You need a big vessel or vase, half full of water. Place flowers in it and put the vase in a prominent position at home.
If you want to improve your health during the year, drink up a glass of tepid water and eat up a wormwood leaf.
On March 21 go over your belongings and get rid of all unnecessary clothes or things.

May 1 is celebrated as Beltane, a festival of the magicians. It has its origin in the Roman celebration of Flora, the goddess of flowers. This day is known as May day. The May flowers – campanulas, primroses, daisies, roses, marigold and other, unite the home and the force of nature. To protect yourself against the intensive magical powers that arise on this day draw a cross in the rooms' corners with a walnut stick or go round your home three times holding an elder stick and hang it up over the door.
At sunrise collect the dew-drops from the flowers, grass and trees and wash up your face with this water. This will make you very beautiful.
It is also considered that on this day you shouldn't give salt or fire because you can give your luck.
Beltane marks the coming of summer, when the entire nature reaches the summit of its energy and strength. The night and day are thought dangerous for everyone who is not prepared for all the vibrations. On this day it is desirable to sleep at home.

Midsummer – June 21 – traditional night for all kinds of charms including home rituals. This is another festival of fire and light. At the festival's eve light candles and keep them burning till midnight – this is for good fortune and blessing of the home. At this night dreams foretell. Thus, you have to place white mistletoe under your pillow to remember your dream. Then it will come true.
It's also time for gathering of herbs, which you will use for the charms, because their inner energy is most powerful exactly on this day.
The evening before the festival hang up jasmine in your home to protect it from lightnings and negative energies.
If at the place where you live there are rocks or big stones, lay flowers on the highest stone with gratitude to the forces of nature.

(By the way when you gather flowers be very careful – they are alive. And talk to the plants and leave something – even a small part of your energy – in return for what you'll get.)

August 1 – from the remote past it is celebrated as the festival of the harvest, not only of fields and gardens but also of human life. At this time of the year we reap what we have sown. On this day dolls of wheat are made and are placed at home to bring happiness and luck.
A strawberry cake is made on this festival.
On this day you may take a bath and add half a glass of wine to it.
In August it would not be advisable to buy a broom because this could bring bad fortune.

The autumnal equinox, September 21, marks one more festival of harvest. You may adorn your home with brightly colored, dried flowers. A sheaf of wheat is also a very suitable decoration.
In fact these decorations prove to be symbols, which influence upon our imagination. We feel close related to the ancient rituals of harvest. Thus, we live in unison with nature and acknowledge the relevant rites.

October 31 - Samhain or Halloween – ancient religious festival. This is a celebration which marks the Celtic New Year. On this night the dividing line between the spiritual and temporal world is very thin. On this day apples are buried in the garden to feed the souls of the dead during the year.
After sunset stand in front of the mirror and make a wish, then imagine that it has come true. This increases the chance for its realization
During the whole night a candle must burn on the window ledge.
The windows and the doors should not be left open on this day because this brings bad luck. All trips should end before sunset.
If on the wash-line there are clothes left after sunset, strange powers instill in them and the one who wears them will be enchanted for life.
This night is appropriate for fortune-telling and all kinds of psychological experiments. Find out what will happen in the forthcoming 12 months using cards, crystal ball, runes.
Never bake bread on the All Saints' Day because it will be eaten by ghosts.

After this celebration comes the Fire Festival marking in this way that the wheel of the year has closed the cycle. Let your household prosper with the help of magic during all the years!

Be blessed